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Top CBSE school near Rajound

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In this rapidly evolving world, the scope of education has been a beacon for every child to become a good citizen and shape careers. But the matter of fact is how to select the top CBSE school in Rajound, VVN. As there are myriad educational boards available in India, the Central Board of Secondary Education stands tall and is preferred as the #1 choice for all parents. However, selecting the best CBSE school that aligns with your child's unique needs for the utmost atmosphere.

AT VVN is devoted to creating a supportive environment that encourages academic success, personal development, and social responsibility. Our college stands out for its creative teaching methods, cutting-edge facilities, and curriculum tailored to prepare students for future difficulties.

Why Select CBSE Education for Your Ward?

Before we delve into choosing the best CBSE school, let’s understand the key features of CBSE education:

1. Well-equipped classroom

CBSE is a nationally recognized educational board, to guarantee that the curriculum & examination standards are consistent across the nation. This uniformity can be especially beneficial for families needing to relocate due to work or other reasons.

2. Transparency and Reliability

CBSE is well-known for its transparent and dependable examination system. The board administers standardized exams that are fair and impartial. Many study materials and practice papers are available to help students prepare.

3. Well-versed Curriculum

We are devoted to creating a supportive environment that encourages academic success, personal development, and social responsibility. Our college stands out for its creative teaching methods, cutting-edge facilities, and curriculum tailored to prepare students for future difficulties.

Our Success Stories

Our graduates are a tribute to the high level of education at our school. They went on to achieve significant success in a variety of industries.

Academic Achievements:

Many of our former students have achieved high rankings in competitive exams and have been admitted to major universities in India and abroad.

Professional Success:

Our alumni are thriving in a variety of fields, including medicine, engineering, business, the arts, and public service.

Personal Development:

In addition to academic and professional achievement, our alumni are well-known for their leadership abilities, ethical beliefs, and dedication to making a good difference in society.

Why Choose VVN as Your Top CBSE School in Rajound?

Vivekananda Vidya Niketan, the top CBSE School in Rajound has always been a renowned name in the industry and delivers the best education here’s why you can choose us:

1. The Right Approach

Our prime vision of our educational institute has led us to adopt the best and learner-centric approach that effectively focuses on exploring experience, implementing a model of learning that is practiced at the top level of the organization.

2. Top-notch Curriculum

Our highly skilled staff concentrates on the three types of learning styles identified visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (physical). We practice providing thought-provoking and unique information and subjects to all of our students. Centrally generated lesson plans with clear directions for teachers on what, how, and when to teach.

3. Holistic Approach

At VVN, we follow a completely holistic approach to level up your learning and development so that you can become a good citizen. The CBSE syllabus promotes overall development, nurturing of skills, and balancing academics, and sports.

4. Advanced Infrastructure

We have cutting-edge classrooms, well-equipped science and computer labs, and a large library, giving students all the tools they need to succeed. All our classrooms are fully ventilated.

5. Best-quality Faculty

The teachers at VVN are well-versed highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to offering one-to-one attention to each student. No matter what kind of student your ward is, Our proficient teachers are here to assist you.

6. Experimental Learning

We emphasize experiential learning by organizing field trips, practical experiments, and hands-on projects to assist students to better understand subjects.

7. Health and Wellness

As a reputed CBSE school in Rajound, we maintain a vibrant atmosphere as we have the best medical labs and highly-equipped trainees to handle medical emergencies. Regular health check-ups and wellness programs are conducted to promote students' well-being.

8. Personalized Counselling Services

Our counseling services support students’ mental and emotional well-being, addressing any issues they may face.

Our Comprehensive Admission Process

The admission process at the Vivekananda Vidya Niketan is so simple and all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Information Gathering

Start your adventure with the top CBSE school in Rajound, VVN School by acquiring extensive information about the school's culture, curriculum, facilities, and admissions requirements. You can accomplish this through:

  • ⦁ Visit our official website.
  • ⦁ Attending our open house sessions.
  • ⦁ Contact the admissions office for personalized assistance.

Step 2. Eligibility Criteria

Ensure that your child meets the eligibility criteria, including the following sections:

  • ⦁ Age requirements
  • ⦁ Recent education records

Step 3. Application Form

Get the enrollment form from the school office or download it from our official website. The application form should be filled out completely and correctly.

Step 4. Application Submission

Now submit your application along with the required documents to the management cell of the school within the stipulated deadline.

Step 5. Entrance Test Criteria

This stage allows us to examine the child's academic skills and readiness for our curriculum. The entrance exam typically covers the following subjects:

  • ⦁ Primary School (Grades 1-5): Basic knowledge of English, Mathematics, and Environmental Science.
  • ⦁ Middle school (Grades 6-8): Advanced proficiency in English, Mathematics, and Science.
  • ⦁ High school (Grades 9-12): Subject-specific assessments based on grade and stream (Science, Commerce, or Humanities).

Step 6. Application Evaluation

In this move, the admission committee evaluates all applications, entrance test results, and appropriate feedback. The selection is based on merit, seas availability, and compliance with the school's admission policy. We guarantee a genuine and transparent selection process. Our prime objective is to give seats to deserving students and a caliber to do something unique.

Step 7. Admission Offer

The Principal reserves the authority to cancel a student's admission if their performance and academic progress are poor, or if their conduct is detrimental to the institution's interests and prestige.Successful candidates will receive admission offers via email and post. The offer letter will outline the following stages, such as fee payment and registration procedures. To ensure a seat, parents must confirm their acceptance by the stipulated deadline.

Step 8. Payment Fees

Upon receiving the offer of admission, parents must have to pay the required amount to wrap up the admission process. The fee structure and payment roadmap will be provided along with the offer letter. Furthermore, we offer multiple payment options for the convenience of parents.

Step 9. Student Enrollment

Once your fee payment is confirmed, your child's enrollment is sealed. Parents will get an orientation schedule that provides a short overview of the school policies, academic, calendar, and other vital information. Session orientation helps new students and their parents to understand the school environment.

The Admission Guidelines at VVN ASSANDH

Vivekananda Vidya Niketan has been a leader in the education sector for almost two decades for providing the best quality education to all students and helping them in shaping their careers. Here are the admission guidelines that every parent should follow while admitting their child into our school:

Admission for Pre-Nursery Classes

  • ⦁ Nursery Age 3 years+
  • ⦁ L.K.G. Age 4 years+
  • ⦁ U.K.G. Age 5 years+

Primary and Secondary Education

Admission to classes | to IX shall be approved subject to the availability of unoccupied seats and the student's eligibility for the entrance test. Registration does not guarantee admission.

Senior Secondary Education

A student who has qualified for the Xth standard with a minimum 50% mark or at least a C grade Will be eligible for admission to 11th Standard Science (Nonmedical) and Commerce Stream after qualifying for the entrance test and availability of vacant seats. No direct admissions are allotted for the senior secondary education.

Courses Available in the Senior Secondary Section

Parents are required to give one month's advance written notice to the school authorities for the withdrawal of their children. The Transfer Certificate is issued only after the school's clues have been cleared for the complete academic session.

  • ⦁ Non-Medical Group: English, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Physical Education, W.E.
  • ⦁ Medical Group: English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, W.E.
  • ⦁ Commerce Group: English, Math/Economics, Physical Education, Business Studies, Accountancy and Work Experience
  • ⦁ Humanity Group: English, Hindi, Math, History, Physical Education, Music, LP, Painting

The academic session is from the 1st of April to the 31st of March.

Pre-enrollment is required for new enrollment to the school. The admission fee must be deposited within a week of the Admission Test; otherwise, the admission will be canceled, and the seat declared empty.

It should be remembered that mere registration does not ensure admission, which is based mostly on the combination exam administered at the time of admission. This comprises a standard Written Test for assessment. The pupil's suitability for a certain class. The Written Test is followed by the Personality and Physical/Medical Fitness Tests.

The School management reserves the exclusive right to decide the class to which a pupil can be admitted.


The Principal at the top CBSE school in Rajound reserves the authority to cancel a student's admission if their performance and academic progress are poor, or if their conduct is detrimental to the institution's interests and prestige.

Students who fail the same class twice will be automatically removed from the school's rolls. Any student detected utilizing unfair means during an exam will be removed from the school rolls.

If a student quits attending school without notifying the school officials, his or her name will be removed from the school rolls after six consecutive days of absence.

Documents Required for Admission

  • ⦁ Proof of the Date of Birth from the Municipality or any other competent authority
  • ⦁ Mark sheet of the previous class
  • ⦁ SLC/T C issued by the school last attended
  • ⦁ Migration Certificate, if any
  • ⦁ School/Board Registration Number, if any
  • ⦁ Four copies of the passport-size photographs of the child and one photo /each of the parent and the guardian or the person authorized to visit the child on their behalf.

Get Ready to Enroll Your Kid to VVN

As a top CBSE School in Rajound, we are proudly committed to providing an outstanding educational experience that not only grooms your kid to grasp success in all aspects of life but also shapes their career. Our focus on academic excellence, holistic development, modern teaching strategies and methodologies, and a safe and nurturing environment makes us the ideal choice for parents looking for the best education and personal development curriculum for their children.

We urge you to visit our campus and see firsthand the lively learning atmosphere we provide. Join us in our quest to educate, inspire, and empower the leaders of the future.

For Inquires: +917206183008

Email: vvnmailbox@gmail.com

Ask The Experts (FAQ)

Q1. What do you mean by Affiliation?

Affiliation refers to formal enrollment in a school from the Board's list of recognized schools that follow prescribed/approved courses of study up to class VIII, as well as those preparing pupils for the Board's Secondary and/or Senior Secondary examinations.

Q2. Does your school offer extracurricular activities?

Yes, Vivekananda Vidya Niketan offers the best education in town with extracurricular activities like indoor and outdoor games, cricket, basketball, etc.

Q3. How can I evaluate your school’s track record?

We have been in the industry for almost two decades and have nurtured thousands of students' careers and provided them with the best possible amenities and education. Our transparent pricing made us the #1 choice for parents in Rajound.

Q4. How do I assess the quality of your school?

You can check the following pointers to assess the faculty quality of our CBSE school:

  • ⦁ Teacher qualifications and certificates.
  • ⦁ Teachers' subject-specific experience and abilities to engage students.
  • ⦁ The student-teacher ratio ensures personalized attention.
  • ⦁ Teachers can benefit from professional development initiatives.

Q5. What do you mean by a No objection certificate?

A "No Objection Certificate" is a certificate provided by the Education Department of a State/Union Territory confirming that the school has no objection to affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Q6. How does your school incorporate technology into my child’s learning?

Talk about smart classrooms, digital learning resources, online platforms for quick assignments, and tech-enabled teaching methods.