Sports & Games

VVN puts great emphasis on the physical and socio development of its students. Within our curriculum, all that students are motivated to participate in regular weekly sports activities (indoor and outdoor both) which makes VVN as the best school for sports at Assandh. The timetable includes regular sports lessons/classes per week.

Our Sports staff is highly committed to fitness and wellness. They have vast experience in drawing out the best sporting instincts in students and getting all the students involved in what is called a superb social as well as physical activity. Teamwork and sportsmanship skills are imbibed in the students.

Besides the regular sports, after school activities are part of the school’s athletic concept. This concept aims to develop our students into a self-confident and responsible athlete.

The sports activities currently ordered at VVN are:

Individual sports : Tennis, Chess, Carom, Skating, Athletics, Yoga, Running and Fitness
Team sports : Cricket, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey and Basketball.