Our Domains

Vivekanand Vidya Niketan provides its students with the tool needed to challenge convention and to establish new benchmarks which allow students to be part of a world with no limits where a multilingual environment exposes a child to a variety of unlike cultures. He will be exposed to unusual perspectives and ways of thinking and will come to truly appreciate his home culture. These endeavors inspire our vision: Educating students to lead lives of purpose and excellence, develop their individual talents and abilities, appreciate learning as a lifelong endeavor, develop a strong sense of self—esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect to develop the skills, competencies, and flexibility needed for working life. These major domains of talent development laid out by the school.

1. Intellectual Abilities

Encompassing the spheres of language, mathematics and science, intellectual ability development involves reading, writing and oral communication, traditional and applied mathematics, other interesting learning projects.

2. Creative Activities 

This involves giving wings to a child's creativity through the enhancement of his/her skills in vocal and instrumental music, dance, drama, and painting among other fields.

3. Physical and Mental Abilities

VVN offers a variety of physical and mental activity like yoga, athletics, team sports and chess, for the healthy development of a child's mind and body.

4. Social Abilities

To enable child to improve his/her interaction with classmates/teachers and parents projects in this area deal with concept such as development of leadership qualities problem solving and interpersonal communication. The entire VVN family, from parents to teachers, to the important role in identify their individual talent and their fullest potential

5. Eco Club

Nature and Power conservation is the major priority of VVN. Students are motivated to love nature by planting trees on their birthday. School has been honored with The best Eco Friendly School in the region by the tribune for our contribution in conserving nature and power.

6. Compassion

Compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others and a wish to help destitute. VVN is place where ethnic values are instilled in the students. They learn sharing their things, show sympathy, help the needy. Various programs are organized in the school to teach pupils the significance of charity. A handful of rice can satiate the hunger of a poor. An act of charity can change the lot of a hapless.